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LederKraft are superior craftsmen trained in the art of design to forge leather armour, clothing, accessories and props that are unrivalled in quality, detail and authenticity. Marrying our passion and involvement on the LARP battlefield with our expertise and skillsets in the workshop, the end result is a collection of distinctive and inspiring pieces for all scenarios from historical re-enactments, themed parties and theatre sets to TV and film productions.

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The Crystal Anvil, a brand new ebook from Lederkraft

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Leather Crafting Workshop
Rhidur Battle Skirt
Apollo Quiver
Artemis Quiver
Thorax Leather Vambraces
Thorax Leather Greaves
Guardian Leather Greaves
Guardian Leather Vambraces
Guardian Leather Body Armour
The Crystal Anvil, a brand new ebook from Lederkraft
Welcome to LederKraft Studios...

With over a decade of experience in the field we are the artisans of choice when it comes to providing high quality and realistic leather armour for film productions and theatre sets. Working to all deadlines and budgets, we can deliver on visualisation and 3D conception right through to production to create high quality costumes and props for anything from science fiction and modern productions to theme parks and promotional events.

Having already produced thousands of theatrical costumes and props in an array of styles and finishes, we have the background knowledge and experience to ensure that every bespoke order is hand finished with faithful authenticity and attention to detail.

Enter the realm of LederKraft Studios to experience the highest quality leather armour and clothing, designed, styled and moulded to create an authentic and durable finish which can withstand years of use.

Having immersed ourselves in the world of re-enactment combat and historical studies, we are recognised as specialists in our field when it comes to creating realistic and quality leather armour. Our team is made up of dedicated and passionate artisans specialising in everything from graphic design, 3D drawing and manufacturing, while also sharing a strong commitment to delivering unsurpassed customer services.

The Crystal Anvil, a brand new ebook from Lederkraft